Core Healing Care Products


One of the oldest documented forms of medicines on record, botanicals are popular around the world as natural, powerful healing aids.


Herbal medicines are viewed as a balanced, moderate approach to healing;

promoting healthier living.


We've developed a line of effective topical - whole care products simplified with natural, botanical, body-nutritious 

whole health ingredients. Deodorant, skin, face, lips,

magnesium, pain relief and first-ade Poshens.

Made with therapeutic and food grade ingredients, dense,

organic, minerals, and natural concentrates -  

these products are formulated to offer:

 - an alternative, effective delivery system for

 - powerful plant based medicine,

 - a means of detoxing body and mind stress loads

 - positive side effects: moisturization, nutrients...

 - body and skin 'food' care that's good for you, inside and out. 

 Your skin is a living sponge.

Everything put on it is absorbed in to your body,

 great if what you’re slathering on is good for health,

 but 90% of commercial skin products labelled ‘natural’

contain toxic chemicals that are anything but healthy.


Synthetics, labelled 'natural', and composites of them, are added

to increase product shelf life for 'big batch' production,

to increase your skin's ability to absorb them, and

to elicit a sensory 'luxury' response to your brain

- but such unnecessary additives are very expensive to your health:

contributing harm to the endocrine system, brain, liver, kidneys, skin,

 - many with direct links to cancer, infertility, and chemical sensitivities.

The fragrance industry, as an example,

uses more than 5,000 different ingredients, with only about

1,300 having been actually tested for safety, efficacy, or long term use.

Further, laws protect manufacturers against revealing 'trade and patent'

protected 'natural' componentsmalign consumers' best efforts to 'live cleanly.'

Natural, in Core Healing products means:

as close to their living state as possible:

the most potent, powerful, simple state.

Less is more.

The Politics of Healthy Products

Toxins absorbed through your skin bypass your liver,

enter your bloodstream and tissues with no protection.

So do good-for-you ingredients.

Core Healing subscribes to using transdermal applications to

direct efficient distribution of 100% natural, good-for-you

health care ingredients and products.


Inflammation responses are generally presumed to be the result of diet, lifestyle, a specific injury, and environmental pollutants - but as important to consider is the role of everyday skin and hair care products.


Caustic, concentrated, and allergen-promoting compounds we would otherwise avoid are used as fillers, binders, emollients, and surfactants in cosmetic products, relentless in exposing our highly permeable scalps and skin to dangerous compounds - and with greater frequency/concentrations, than would consumption as food.

Accumulated and stored in our filtering organs and cells - a small, unnoticed inflammation responses are increasingly developing into serious sensitivities, auto immune, and chronic inflammation responses.

Such dis-eases have skyrocketed in relentlessly exposed populations. Co-incidence?



Born of a need for effective odor control

for bodyworkers (close client contact!), to empower against cancer,

and to completely remove toxic ingredients from a

most vulnerable, absorbing body part - 

our zero-toxin, organic, deodorant WORKS;

naturally encapsulating and wicking away body odors.

First formulated as a cream,

our small batch deodorant was

created to be applied with finger-pads.


Finger-pads contain more touch and temperature sensitive receptors

than other body areas,

allowing palpation of tissue changes in our

lymph-dense underarms:

immune system feedback and detox central.

One deodorant application, whether our cream, or our traditional stick,

can detox and refresh up to three days,

depending on activities and your body's chemistry.


One container, (all ingredients pronounce-able), lasts much longer

than store bought deodorant, with zero waste (cream),

zero artificial, dangerous, toxic chemicals added.

                All the benefits of Body Potion, but in a face-formulation that adds extra dry skin,

                anti-inflammation, anti-aging, feel good properties; nutritionally dense, organic ingredients

                to feed your most exposed skin what it needs to be happy, healthy.


         Lip PoShen

                This you could eat. Formulated in different flavors, for different seasons,

                for different moods, to stick, to last, to heal, protect, to moisturize, 

                in weather extremes.

        Motion PoShen

             Everyday, hard working life lived challenges bodies to grow, heal, perform.

             Disrupting pain messages at the local receptor level, locally, with elements of

             cooling, heat, hydration, and with anti-inflammatory and inhalation benefits -

             this transdermal rub on cream is designed to heal as it relieves muscle/joint/fascia

             pain, and discomfort from the everyday walks of life lived. 

Face PoShen

        Pain PoShen (Firstade)

             Apply to burns sun and skin burns, cuts, bruises... 

             Keep one handy; in the kitchen, in first aid kits, cars, for travel...

             Firstade is formulated to accelerate healing. Anti-bacterial, and

             anti-viral, it is cooling, forming a second skin that protects, and                              nourishes the injured area, while calming inflammation responses.

 Core Body PoShen

              Chosen for their core health impact, the therapeutic ingredients in Body Potion could  be eaten 

              but work better applied to skin: after a shower or bath, at bedtime, - or whenever extra                             moisture and 'skin food' power is needed. May Body Potion renew your faith in 'natural',

              even as it renews your skin health: internal, external.


Magnesium Body PoShen


Simply spritz it on. Allow one coat to dry before spraying again.

Great for supplementing magnesium, and injured skin care.  

Liquid suspended magnesium is wonderfully viscous and effective for supplementation. 

Magnesium Body Butters and oils looks and feels deliciously buttery - with a tingly, sparkle-y second skin type sensation that disappears as magnesium levels balance. 

Their feel is one of easy glide and application - making them a favorite with massage and physical therapists. 

We've three transdermal Core Healing PoShens to accommodate client magnesium supplement needs.

Why skin-supplement Magnesium?

Oral magnesium has a 35-40% effective delivery system, (less in compromised guts), and may take 12 hours transit, competing with chemicals, foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and other

magnesium depleting processes along the way. 


Transdermal application frees a supplement delivery system for digestion compromised folks.

Our largest breathing organ; skin, absorbs, then regulates use and flow of topicals; bypassing our overtaxed digestive systems and organs. 

Magnesium Oil Spritz 

Mega Mag Body PoShen

Taking advantage of the skin surface as our largest breathing organ, this 'potion' has 

maximum magnesium, and other recognized mental/physical relaxation mediums.


ValMag PoShen has added Valerian, (great for grounding, centering), maximum magnesium, and other active relax muscles/joints/monkey-mind ingredients 

to encourage sleep and body, mind relaxation. Excellent for restless legs, aches.