Eastern Medicine 

Expanding Medicine's Potential

Core Healing subscribes to the eastern medicine approach of addressing not only a manifested symptom of illness or disease - but also the underlying causes. 


Elevating medicine's and health's potential - from one of compartmentalizing and isolating the body and illness symptoms - to recognizing that all body systems are connected, and profoundly influence each other, offers clients a deepened healing experience well beyond care for a singular, primary health concern.


Beyond treating the physical malady,extending past the appointment - the relaxation, stress reduction, and mind-body balancing benefits of this type of care restore health deeply. 

  • treat the whole person; body, mind, emotions, and spirit

  • improve, deepen, and maintain best mind-body health

  • prevent and eliminate the root cause of dis-ease 

  • curtail many health issues associated with modern lifestyle and aging 

  • improve and elevate the human condition 

 - Core Healing's Care Model

Five aspects of core care promote core healing, health and wellbeing; a complete system of accessible, comprehensive care - to discover and maintain new, refined states of improved health.

One of the many aspects we appreciate most about Ryan, is that

he truly listens and asks questions.

Thoughtful, with an even temperament our whole family enjoys,

Ryan's skill goes well beyond his training.

We highly recommend Ryan to anyone searching for a

great acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine doctor.

- C.D.

More About

Each Branch of Treatment Care


Sought for pain relief more than any other health issue, acupuncture is the most often recognized element of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine care.​ 

Past pain relief, people seek acupuncture treatment for a variety of reasons.


 - accesses, promotes the body's intrinsic

pain endorphins and healing hormones

 - stimulates and directs energy and blood

flow, and the body's innate healing capacity

 - improves internal organ and

system functioning

 - stimulates nerve, muscle, tissue health

 - removes barriers to healing

holistically, systemically

 - corrects multiple imbalances in the mind-body complex



activates and


natural painkillers:

providing powerful

pain cessation.


Acupuncture treatment can

 - resolve the pain event associated with injury

 - support and accelerate the natural pain receptor response

 - re-balance receptors damaged by excess chemical pain medications

 - resolve and bypasse dependency, addiction and harmful side effects of narcotic medications.

face acupuncture rotated.jpg


While electro-acupuncture without needles (think TENS unit type therapies), is helpful for health conditions that prevent needling, electro-stimulation added to placed needles provides significant energy available to balance Qi accumulations (as in pain syndromes) and Qi deficiencies, (as in adverse chemotherapy side effects.)


Extremely mild electric pulses

are sent through a frequency generator,

with adjusted frequency and intensity of the impulse

being delivered through the needles or electrodes at acupuncture point placements. 



This treatment rapidly activates

naturally occurring endorphins,

lowers blood pressure and anxiety. 
​Electro-acupuncture is helpful

for a wide array of conditions,

including those helped by acupuncture.

We chose electro-acupuncture to treat my mother's response to chemotherapy: difficulty with balance, dizziness, immediate nausea, expulsion after eating or drinking anything.

She was really discouraged.

The stimulated acupuncture was really interesting to watch. Mom didn't feel the

pulses or needles - but her treatment results, even after one session, were

dramatic and immediate.


She was able to eat, hydrate, and so continue her cancer treatment. 

Her attitude improved tremendously. She slept better. Her anxiety lightened, which helped the chemo venous-delivery system, since her veins relaxed.

This was after ONE electro-stimulated treatment, and one regular treatment.

- CC




Botanicals have been in use longer than most other medicines,

evidencing powerful results.

There are thousands of years

of meticulous practitioner

documentation of these

natural, plant, mineral

based powdered or

encapsulated form herbs.

While pharmaceuticals

tend to focus and

treat one condition, 

these herbs tend to have

multiple, multi-layered benefits,

especially in multi-herb combinations. 

Ryan custom formulates,

each herbal prescription for

each client's unique needs.

Beyond primary injury support, herbs support overall body-mind structure and health, and are

beneficial for insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, immune function regulation, organ system balance

and protection, hormonal balancing, and many more health conditions.


I love my herbs! They're pretty empowering.

And I love that my 'medicine' is about as natural as it can be.  

I definitely notice the difference when I don't take them.  

- DJ.M.

Manual Therapy

Ryan uses a variety of manual therapy modalities, including John Barnes' Myofascial Release Therapy - 

for which he has obtained the highest degree of training offered.

Ryan applies intentional, light, sustained pressure, and MFR techniques, with advanced fascial system knowledge, to unwind and relieve restrictions and pain - to restore balance and function.


gua sha green.jpg

Gua Sha 

Using dermal friction and herbal emollients, this evolved mechanical skin manipulation is most often requested for pain resolution.

It's also helpful where injury has resulted in scarring

and poor muscle movement in an affected area.  

Gua Sha produces transitory therapeutic reddening (petechia)

of superficial skin areas to stimulate healing, increase circulation,

release excesses, up-regulate anti-oxidant and skin protectant enzymes

to the treated area; all while rapidly decreasing local inflammation. 

Gua Sha blemishes heal completely, in a few days - while treatment provides 

benefits and relief immediately, or within a few hours, and for days after treatment.

Gua Sha can:
 - reduce a fever and alter the course of an acute infectious illness
 - reduce or remove surface and internal blood stasis
 - reduce inflammatory symptoms in chronic and acute illness

B&W cupping.jpg


Cupping has been adopted by cultures and alternative medicine practitioners worldwide, for local and systemic treatment aiding a wide range of health conditions, to: draw in tissues, toxins to the surface, to open skin pores, to stimulate, release, and balance stagnant Qi, blood, fluids, and inhibited or obstructed tissues. 

Vacuum and fire cupping are effective therapies to treat Trigger Points, contracted tissue, some types of edema, and are particularly helpful for respiratory health issues.


Cranial Sacral


Lightly held compression and extremely subtle manipulations are applied to the anatomical membranes of the craniosacral system to restore

the natural position of bones,

and the natural flow

of cerebrospinal fluid.

The craniosacral system includes the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround, protect, and nourish the brain and spinal cord, extending from the bones of the head, face and mouth to the sacrum (tailbone) area.

SomatoEmotional Release

Discovered and developed originally as balancing therapy for children affected by Autism, SER is also beneficial for problems associated with injuries, physical trauma, car accidents, traumatic life experiences, and surgery. 

Health complaints helped by Cranial Sacral Therapy are also helped by SomatoEmotional Release Therapy.


CST is a non-invasive, extremely gentle therapeutic touch system used to access, evaluate, and enhance the subtle aspects of the craniosacral system, which,

when restricted, negatively affects the central nervous system, and so, the entire body's functions. 

Medical Qigong

At least 5000 years old, Medical Qigong is considered to be the oldest therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine.

Practiced with or without direct touch,

this gentle, safe touch therapy is beneficial for health issues with physical touch considerations.

Performed without needles,

Qigong can be used

to enhance and accelerate

the effects and potency

of acupuncture care, 

of medical recovery,

and to relieve

unwanted side effects of

medications and procedures.


Exercise is one of humanity's earliest, and most effective health therapies.

To support the work done during treatment, and to promote healing, Ryan might suggest

therapeutic exercise; key to accelerated, complete injury recovery.

Flexibility, strength, stability, and balance are addressed via exercises 

specific to the injury, and to overall general health improvement.

A former university therapeutic exercise instructor, Ryan is a certified yoga, and a

multi-lineage Taiji (Tai Chi) instructor, with a long standing, active student body, and physical practice.

​Therapeutic Exercise

Let your Core Healing begin.