About Ryan


Owner and founder of Core Healing, Dr. Ryan Marshall, brings twenty plus years education to his clinic and teaching practice.

A long time disciple and instructor of Chinese Classic Healing Arts, Ryan's education and training far exceeding state and national licensing and certification standards.

He is a member of The Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association of Alaska, and, licensed in Alaska and in multiple states, is an LAc., (Licensed Acupuncturist),

a Dipl. Ac., (Licensed Diplomate of Acupuncture), Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, (MATCM), and is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine  (DACM) .


He holds certifications and teaching credentials in multiple therapeutic

mind-body wellness practices, and

is fully fluent in English, y Español.












A state and national scholastic award recipient, and Dean's Honor Society graduate, Ryan first began medical studies to be a traditional medical doctor, following in the footsteps of his grandfather; distinguished surgeon Victor Politano. Sister Lindsay and sister-in-law Natalie also carry the family care-provider torch, as Occupational Therapists.

A brief allopathic training experience did not cement a western medicine path for Ryan however.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DACM, LAc

Early life personal health challenges, and initial allopathic medical training gifted Ryan intimate insight into the human condition, compelling him to formal study of integrated medicine, with Eastern Asian based

holistic care as a specialty.

It was while studying in Europe, he made the commitment to

eastern medicine as a career.

Upon returning Stateside, Ryan toured several medical schools before choosing his Alma mater, noting his distinguished instructors there had authored many of the books in his growing reference library.​

Ryan graduated with honors from a full-time four year eastern medicine studies, from California's prestigious Yo San University. Asked to continue on as a teacher there, as both clinical and academic faculty, he also served as

Associate Academic Dean for three years.


During this time, Ryan expanded his training in the world-renowned Ni Family Tradition of Chinese Medicine, in Zen, Taoist, Tibetan and Kayguü traditions of Vajrayana Buddhist Meditation, Indian Tantra and Vedic Sciences, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Energy Healing, with preeminent lineage-bearing master-teachers; studies and relationships he continues present day. 


Invited to Anchorage to manage a wellness clinic, Ryan arrived to Anchorage, in 2006, and immediately connected with Alaska's stark natural beauty - particularly, the mountains - much like the Himalayas, where he'd considered making a home. 

Ryan's retreat home deposits him at the literal edges of the Eagle River and

the foothills of the Chugach Range; which

satisfies his mountain affinity, and his partner's for water.

In his home studio,

Ryan practices daily mind-body disciplines that

strengthen his clinic work, and students' health.

Offering in-residence retreats workshops, weekly  Chi Gong and Tai Chi classes

both in Anchorage, and when traveling, Ryan also

actively supports Alaska's healing arts community.

Ryan is an instructor for two state and hospital supported groups,

assisting and empowering addiction and trauma recovery.

This continues his strong personal and professional commitment to

improving the human condition, and

empowering others' health and spiritual evolutions.


This commitment has led to extended periods of immersion study,

with teachers chosen for their significant medical healing arts contributions - and in several countries, including Spain, Europe, Tibet, remote China; complete with an advanced in-residence internship and clinic position appointment there, and, to India, where Ryan continues travel, study and community service.


European studies begin.

Lunch, between classes, at The Colesseum

The Basilica, between classes.

Graduating Eastern Medicine Studies, Escuela Superior de M.T.C. Madrid, Spain

Yo San University graduation, with Dr. Yue-Ying Li, long time clinic supervisor and instructor.

Graduation day, with Yo San instructor Dr. Hua-bing Wen, who's Herbal Formula classes were of particular interest.

Ryan's teacher, Yo San co-founder, GrandMaster Hua-Ching Ni, of the Ni lineage: 38 generations of Chinese Medicine healers medicine.

The ritual of tea and social time is a time honored aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture. Studies begin.

Dragon stairs, China studies.

Getting to know the villagers who benefited from Ryan's clinic work.

Beautiful Qing Cheng Mountain, in the Shitchuan Province: one of Ryan's training centers in China.

Taiji, Taiji Sword, Xing Yi, Bagua, Qi/chi healing, Fire dragon, Tiger, and Baduanjin: among the forms studied in China, then California, beginning 1999.

China: welcomed into the student and clinic fold.

A view of neighboring crop fields in China, from Ryan's mountain school.

Ryan, Mark Griffin

Ryan, Mark Griffin

Ryan with friend and teacher Mark Griffin, founder of Hardlight Center of Awakening.

Yoga instructor training with Duncan Wong, founder of Yogic Arts, combining martial arts and yoga forms.

Yogic Arts instruction.

Ongoing and advanced study with Master Zhongxian Wu begun in 2000, continues today.

Hiking: a favorite pastime: enjoyed with Master Wu, on the mountains outside Ryan's Chugach home.

Winter hiking, Southfork Trailhead, Chugach Range, Alaska.

Enjoying Alaskan seafood with visiting teacher Master Wu, and long time Spanish friend, Palo.

Hiking with favorite meditation buddy, Ella.

Hiking Sedona.

Training with teacher and friend Professor Arnold Tayam; Doctor of Medical Qigong, Master Instructor Tai Chi & Bagua Shifu, Taoist Teacher.

Saying good-bye to the beautiful caretakers of Fire Mountain Retreat, Nimboli, India.

The beautiful children of Nimboli village, India.

Supporting local shop owner/friend Vijyia, Ganeshpuri, India.

Exploring Alaska's winter greatland: Northwestern Glacier.

Hiking The Natural Bridge, Kentucky.

Hiking The Grand Canyon, practicing Taiji.